Placing Text on a Drawn Path

Placing Text on a Drawn Path

Making your text do acrobatic feats around a path doesn’t require any special training. Text doesn’t have to conform to rectangular blocks, but can be attached to any path that you draw and still remain editable.

  • Create a new document 250 X 150 with a background color of your choice. Click the pen tool Pen Tool (or paint tool) and draw out a wavy line. The tip to using the pen tool is that you left click to start the line, click again where you want the line to go and if you want to curve the line at this point hold down the shift key while dragging, release the shift key before clicking again on where you want your line to go. This is the wavy line I came up with:

Wavy Line

  • Select the Text tool Text Tool from the toolbar and type some text anywhere in your document. I typed Text on a Path using the font Arial Black with a font size of 23.
  • To get the text to wrap around the curve, select the text and Shift+Click to select the path as well. If you have both selected they will appear blue as shown below:


  • Then click Text > Attach to Path:

Attach to Path

You should have something that looks like this:

Text on Path

The next thing is to stretch the text out so that is isn’t bundled up just in the center. I changed the horizontal scale to 152 % and alignment to left to stretch the text on the path as shown below:

Path Options

Here is my finished product cropped:

Text on Path