Lensa Flare Effect

1. Grab the logo and put it on a black canvas.

Lens flare effects

2. Make a rectangle and set its fill to radial gradient with blue (#0066CC) on both ends. Set its outer edge to 0% opacity. Put it underneath the logo and you will get a blue glow.


Lens flare effects

3. Now draw a white shape with the exact size and shape to the logo, this one is a perfect circle. Using the subselection tool, select the top vector point and delete it.


Lens flare effects

Set the edge to Feather, value 70. Put it between the logo and the glow. Now you have a more interesting glow.


Lens flare effects

4. Now draw another exact shape on top of the logo and set its fill to radial gradient, white on both ends and outer edge 0 opacity. You will get a white glow in the center, then move the gradient position to the bottom left. This is where we want the ‘light’ to leak out, but you can position it anywhere you want.


Lens flare effects

5. This step is a little long. Draw a line and shape it with the free transform tool into a semicircular line outlining the bottom side of the logo. Configure it to the following:

Color: #CCCCCC

Edge: 20

Texture: Chiffon 30%

Brush: Oil>>Splatter

Edit Stroke>>Advanced: Spacing: 60%, Size: 48


6. Draw a small white circle with Feather edge 100%. Move it to the ‘leak’ point. In this case its the bottom left.


7. Draw a bigger circle with invisible fill, and white outline. Set the outline to size 15 and 100% edge, and its opacity to 5%. Position that on the ‘leak’ point.


And there you have it. A decent lens flare effect.


Tweak all you want and you can do wonders. The power lies in your creativity!